Cornerstone Solutions Launches Sapphire Cloud Services, Partners with CenturyLink

Acclaimed software experts develop comprehensive cloud services compatible
with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate software solutions


Chicago, Ill. – (December 6, 2016) – Cornerstone Solutions (Cornerstone), regarded among the Midwest’s top-tier, premier solutions providers to construction and real estate firms for over 30 years, announces the official launch of the new Cornerstone Solutions Sapphire Cloud Services, offering a powerful virtual server and cloud management solution customized to aptly support Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate software product systems and functions. Cornerstone has partnered with telecommunications giant, CenturyLink, to bring to market cloud services that are at once exceptionally secure, highly scalable and truly cost-effective for costumers.

Cornerstone Sapphire enrollees are equipped with a robust virtual server hosted by CenturyLink as part of the baseline monthly service subscription, with all server equipment redundantly secured and monitored remotely 24/7 in an enterprise-class CenturyLink datacenter based in suburban Chicago. The advanced facility offers customers the ultimate level of security in terms of data storage and backup protection likely unattainable with other self-managed systems. With the Sapphire cloud-based storage solution, clients’ data is housed in a centralized datacenter outfitted with a complex, integrated security system, including formidable access control, biometrics, video surveillance, selective key card access and on-premises security officers to actively mitigate any risk of a data breach. Each computer room within the facility is readily equipped with its own dual backup generators, dual-feed internet and a redundant network, drastically diminishing the possibility of a complete system shutdown that could cause a lag in backup, or highlight vulnerabilities for opportunistic hackers.

“In this day and age, we can fully appreciate our clients’ growing concerns over the mounting risks associated with data breach attempts and their debasing consequences, and how incredibly important it is for the health of any business to keep that data both easily accessed and entirely secure,” said Dominic Pernai, President of Cornerstone Solutions. “With Cornerstone Sapphire Cloud Services, we hope to elevate cloud-based data management to a 21st-century plane in a way that keeps pace with the rate of data acquisition, reduces cost for the user and can be fully trusted by a far-reaching client base in this industry.”

Tailored to the unique sensitivities and challenges presented by the real estate development and construction fields, Cornerstone Sapphire provide users with a significant level of sought-after autonomy in managing their cloud-based data and storage, while eliminating the costliness associated with consistently having to maintain, upgrade and appropriately secure an on-site server. Customers with a Sapphire service subscription are allowed full functionality in managing their various spectrums of Sage products and server applications as if a server were located directly on-site, additionally supported by the expertise of Cornerstone’s dedicated team, who are available to ensure that the solution has been scaled to meet the organization’s specific needs and goals.

“We, enforced by our dynamic partnership with CenturyLink, wanted to create a cloud-based solution that was approachable and flexible at a price point that could be easily justified for the budget-conscious,” Pernai said. “We also wanted this to be a solution that could seamlessly grow with a business, achieving an element of longevity that can be hard to come by amidst the rapid-paced technological advancements so common in this and almost any industry.”

Customers can be assured that the partnership between CenturyLink and Cornerstone has already proven to be highly efficient and reliable, resulting in a long-term, adaptable cloud-based solution.

“Working with Cornerstone Solutions has been a precise collaboration, yielding skillful teamwork and reliable outcomes for project delivery,” said Bryant Sardella, Business Development Lead for CenturyLink. “We’re thrilled to see the level of innovation this collaboration can bring to the marketplace.”

A first-tier monthly service subscription to Cornerstone Sapphire Cloud Services is competitively priced and boasts a 10-core processor, 8GB of RAM and 40GB of cloud storage. Customers then have the option to augment the system in any way they see fit for a nominal additional fee per month. Storage can be added in increments of 10GB, and up to 15 additional processors can be installed, as well as 120GB of RAM to increase the breadth and efficiency of the solution. Subscribers are able to add on authorized users to access data and control the solution, with various levels of nightly backup routines available.

“Ultimately, we don’t want our customers to have to keep seeking out costly, less effective means of supporting their software solutions and newly acquired data. We want them to be able to go right to an organization they trust, one that will not only support them, but innovate right alongside them,” Pernai said. “And that’s everything that’s at the heart of Cornerstone Solutions.”

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