The following are common questions and helpful information:

  1. Q | Will I be shot while visiting Chicago?
    A | No. Contrary to media coverage of our lovely city you will not be shot upon arrival in Chicago. However, if you find yourself shopping for opioids on the near west side or the near south side you have a stronger chance of being caught in some cross fire. If you are staying downtown or hanging out on the north side you will likely not see any action.
  2. Q | Should I comment on the great year the Chicago Cubs are having to the bride or groom?
    A | No. Although most people think of the Cubs when they think of Chicago (thank you WGN) there is another team in town. The bride and groom are White Sox fans and therefore do not want to discuss the Cubs pitching changes or current line up. If you are looking for someone to discuss this with please see the bride or groom and we will point you to the right person.
  3. Q | You said wedding there a ceremony?
    A | There is but it will be a very intimate ceremony with the bride and grooms' immediate families earlier in the day. By intimate they mean in their kitchen. Not joking. So long winded wedding mass.
  4. Q | Where should I stay?
    A | Anywhere you want. There are a number of hotels in the loop near the wedding venue that as of right now are not booked. We also suggest checking out alternatives to hotels like furnished short term rentals either in the loop or near Chez Domanda (Roscoe Village, Lincoln Square, Lakeview or Wrigleyville). AirBNB is always a good choice while options like are interesting for anyone wanting to be in the loop.
  5. Q | Where should I park?
    A | Valet service will be provided for the wedding reception so parking will not be an issue. For the BBQ on Saturday there is permit free parking on the bride and grooms street as well as the surrounding blocks.
  6. Q | What should I do while I'm in Chicago?
    A | There is so much to do in Chicago. From the museums that dot the lakefront to the shopping on both the magnificent mile as well as all the neighborhoods. Looking for something active with or without the kids? Try renting a Double Surrey from Wheel Fun Rentals at Foster beach and take a group on one bike. Or use Divvy (bike rental) anywhere in the city to get from one point to another (hint: There is a Divvy station in front of Chez Domanda so you can ride to the BBQ on Saturday if you are feeling it).

    Explore a neighborhood like Bucktown for brunch on Saturday and take a nice walk/ride on the 606 (our new elevated trail that takes you through a handful of neighborhoods). Not feeling very active? Take a pizza crawl (yes that's a thing: or visit a local tap room to try a Chicago brewery ( And of course you can always go to Wrigley Field on Saturday to watch the Cubs vs. Giants game (ahem we're looking at you Greg T.). Need more ideas? Just ask.